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Gabriel has been in the family business since the age of fourteen. It was at this age that his dad (Eddie) started instilling in him good work ethic and showing him the basics of the trade. He started as a sales apprentice for the company but has worked his way up to an upholsterer's apprentice. He has continued to grow professionally in this trade and is starting to build a reputation as a top upholster in Arizona.

Eddie began trade school at the age of 16. That is were he found his love for upholstery. He loved bringing to life a piece of furniture that was old and worn. He refined his craft and expanded his knowledge of the trade by working at Barrows Fine Furniture for 13 years. During this time he had started his business part time, but when Barrows Fine Furniture store shutdown Eddie decided to go into business full time. For decades now Eddie's Custom Upholstery has serviced clients in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico.

Eddie's Custom Upholstery opened their doors in 1981 and has been a family owned and operated business ever since. Each piece of furniture is custom made to order in their Phoenix workshop utilizing techniques learned over decades. Eddie's Custom Upholstery takes pride in their craftsmanship, work and all that they have built and accomplished over the years.

Upholsterer Apprentice


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